No one likes waiting around for money, especially their tax refunds. With the economy still in a rut and several economic stimulus initiatives in place, many of us are expecting money back this year. But, waiting for the check from the IRS, could drive you mad. Thus, being smart when filing your income tax return can not only get you more money, it can more specifically decrease your wait time, and get you your money faster. Remembering these four easy steps and your tax refund could be in your bank account just weeks after filing.

Most of us usually forget about paying our taxes and wait for the last few days to get the job done and there are chances that we’d have to rush the process so as to complete it in time. Tax filing is definitely not something that you could turn a blind eye to, you need to make sure that you do it right.

Do your math, right!

Filing your taxes without the help of a CPA? If so, make sure your math is done correctly and you are claiming deductions you are in fact eligible for. Nothing can slow down a tax return like incorrect claims on your tax form. By making mistakes, even small ones such as poor handwriting, your return must be looked at carefully and your taxes reconfigured manually. Making sure they are done correctly and neatly helps to streamline the process in the IRS office, and ensures that your forms will be processed quickly – and it also ensures you won’t be called in to make the changes yourself or be audited in the future.

File your taxes, now!

This year’s tax deadline is April 18th, and so it goes without saying that the IRS office will be swamped the closer that date approaches. Filing early means your paperwork won’t be stuck behind someone who spent several months doing theirs. By mid-February you should have all the paperwork you need in order to file your tax return, so don’t delay. File as soon as possible. The IRS processes returns as soon as they received them, so making sure your return gets into the short pile means getting your return in as soon as possible.

File online!

The federal government offers numerous free online tax filing systems for those who qualify. Use them! If you don’t qualify and need your return sooner rather than later, consider purchasing one. While filing your return you can submit a paper copy or an electronic copy. An electronic one gets there faster, meaning they process it faster. Electronic tax filing also means eliminating incorrect claims and handwriting complications so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Direct Deposit Returns!

Provide the IRS with your bank routing number and account number so they can simply drop the money into your account and you don’t have to wait for the postal worker to bring your live check. This cuts down on the IRS having to cut the live check and mail it you, and it cuts down on having to wait for the mail to come. Plus, it saves you a trip to the bank and having to deposit the check yourself.For more information check out this post :