Everyone knows to dread April 15th, but for millions of Americans each year, April 16th and on is just as bad. Filing late income taxes has always been common, and with the ever-faster pace of modern life, the rapidly changing economy, and the increasing complexity of tax return forms, it’s only going to get more common.

When it comes time for tax season and filing taxes with the IRS, employers and employees will have to take overtime pay into consideration when filing. If, for whatever reason, overtime pay is overlooked or forgotten during filing, then the IRS may become aware of the mistake and filing an action against you or your employee.

The good news is that all those changes that can make it harder to get everything together by April 15th also make it easier to deal with being a few days — or months, or even years — behind. Even the notoriously hidebound IRS doesn’t like to make things easy here, there has never been a better time to start filing late income taxes.

First of all, the current economy means that a small refund goes a long way — and it’s well-established that the average late filer gets a larger refund than the average filer (Why? Because the same factors that lead someone to file late — economic difficulty, family disruption, a busy school schedule — can lead to lots of juicy deductions). So, filing late income taxes can give you a nice boost to your income, today.

The main reason now is a good time to be filing late income tax returns has nothing to do with refunds, though. It’s that there are now plenty of online resources that can guide you through the process of filing late income taxes, give you helpful tips that make filing late income taxes easier, and even answer specific questions about the tax forms you’re filling out. When you try filing late income taxes yourself, you’ll see how simple it is. By designing their sites to help people avoid common mistakes, and to guide them through tricky tax forms, people who help those filing late income taxes have made the process surprisingly simple.

You might think that this would be expensive and time-consuming, but that’s just simply not the case. Many online tax help sites are models of efficiency and customer service. Since they spend so much time solving the same kinds of problems for the same sorts of users, they’ve gotten very good at the process. In fact, online tax sites are leading the way in new features like interactive online chat and in-depth built-in reference and glossary pages.

Filing late income taxes is never someone’s first choice, but there’s no reason it should be any more difficult than filing taxes regularly. The proliferation of helpful websites and online sources makes it easy, even if the IRS won’t. With a little help, you’ll find that the tax filing process is easy, and the refund check (and peace of mind) is a great reward for the brief inconvenience. Filing late income taxes just keeps getting easier.For more information visit www.taxreturn247.com.au today.